Why does your eye twitch

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Eye twitch  is mostly temporary, self limited and means nothing most of the time. But if it lasts more than a day, then you need to contact the doctor, or ophthalmologist. There are many things that can cause it, like anything that can irritate the eye like, Dry eye syndrome or Blepharitis (Inflammation of the eyelids), as well as external factors like stress, fatigue, too much caffeine or too much alcohol can exacerbate the twitching.

Lubricate your eyes with over the counter “Preservative Free” Artificial Tears¬† every hour, Cool compress or warm compress, whichever makes you feel better.

For Blepharitis, there are “Lid Scrubs” available over the counter also. If you are taking in a lot of caffeine, or smoking a lot, then try to eliminate those.

Warning: Twitches that don’t go away might be a medical condition called benign essential blepharospasm, often a patient with this condition is not even able to open the eyelids, and needs to be dealt with by an ophthalmologist, immediately.

Source: WebMD.com (Eye TV)



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