Why do people read menus with their cell phone light? Presbyopia, which is the diminished ability to focus on small or near objects.

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Presbyopia is a condition where the eye’s lens becomes less flexible with age. This doesn’t happen all of a sudden, it develops over time as a person grows past their early 40’s or 50’s. The eye will exhibit a progressively diminished ability to focus on small or near objects, and also difficulty seeing in dim light.

Although the inflexibility of the lens is thought to cause this most of the time, it isn’t an absolute answer. Evidence suggests that the loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens cause this, however changes in lens curvature, and muscle fatigue or deterioration are also causes that do develop over the years.

Presbyopia is a condition that is developed over the natural course of aging, so most, if not all, people will have this sometime in their life. So when you see middle aged people with their cellphone light reading a menu at the restaurant, don’t laugh, you will get there in due time.

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