Recipe: Pickled Turnips (Lebanese recipe)


Picture from Maureen Abboud:  Link to her  recipe (Different)

Pickled Turnips
Arabic: Kabees El Lift

This is an Authentic Lebanese Recipe
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2 cups water
1 cup vinegar
2 tsp. salt
1 (sm-med) beetroot (Another term for just beets)
Several garlic cloves


  • Wash turnips well and cut off a slice from the tops and bottoms.
  • Slice lengthwise into quarter-inch slices to within a half-inch of the bottom of the turnip.
  • Do not separate the slices entirely from each other.
  • Soak in water overnight.
  • Wash well in the morning.
  • Place in glass jar with the beetroot (To give the pink color to the pickles).
  • Cover with the pickling solution prepared from the above ingredients.

These pickles may be eaten after three days.

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